Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Not Broken

Some people look at me and snicker,
Some point at me and laugh,
Yet others turn and look embarrassed.
They look amazed when I do all they do.
That I run and laugh and play.

Because I am not exactly like them,
Somehow they think there is something wrong,
With hands and feet not like theirs.
And because of that I am different, strange,

Well I am here to tell you I am not broken.
There is nothing wrong with me,
I work just fine thank you
As God created me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Weary, Oh, weary to the bone,
Every muscle, every joint,
Every part of me,
Is just weary to the bone!

Oh, how can people so little,
Take so much from me?
Oh, how can people so very young,
Make me feel so very old?

They're still running, jumping and singing!
They're still ready to pick up and go!
They just simply do not understand,
That I'm weary to the bone.

I've accused them of being from other planets,
Strange life forms from far away,
They've come here on a secret mission,
To steal our strength away.

And thus subdue this planet,
Without a whimper or a fight.
Just steal our strength and energy,
And make us weary to the bone.

By the end of day, it has been said,
They can do what ever they want.
Just as long as they do it quietly,
No quarrels! No fusses! No fights!

They've got my strength,
They got my energy,
I know, because I'm weary to the bone!

There You Are ...

There you are.
I've looked everywhere for you.
But there you are,
Just waiting.

I would ask where you have been.
I would inquire but I can not.
But there you are,
Just waiting.

It's been lonely here without you.
I miss your funny smile.
But there you are,
Just waiting.

Just snippets of time together.
I rejoice in each moment.
Trying not to think about your leaving.
Trying not to cry.

I would ask where you have been.
I would inquire but I can not.
But there you are ...
Just waiting!

Friday, September 14, 2007

That Face ...

That face ...
Oh, my that beautiful face,
It hides such secrets.

I hear that you have, "Misbehaved today,"
Oh, how could that face misbehave?

I hear that you have had to be in, "Time out,"
How can that be from such a face?

Those eyes they shine with such sparkle,
I think they give you away.

That smile, oh such a smile,
It makes the Mona Lisa jealous,
I think that smiles gives you away.

I hear that you got in trouble.
Just messed up your hair something awful,
Stand on your head and tumbling!

I hear that you really did it this time,
Hit your brother, tripped your sister,
And pulled the cat's tail!
Oh, how can that be from such a face?

That face ...
That beautiful face, it hides such secrets.
Such secrets hide behind that beautiful face!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Business as Usual

A darker shade of grey today,
A bluer type of blue,
Lackluster days consumed in haze.

The stillness roars in silence,
The muted voice shouts.

Fragmented pieces of my life,
Spin totally out of control.

Chaos rules with order,
Business as usual.

How Can I Tell You Thank You

Inspired by Rebekah Beatrice Vincent,
mother to two of the most beautiful little girls

Today our daughter laughed the most beautiful laugh,
It was so delightful it made my heart flutter.
She has grown so from a babe into this little girl,
Right before my eyes she changes.
How I wish I could tell you about her.
How I wish I could.

I made a vow that she would never forget you.
I promised to keep her heritage.
I speak to her in English and she answers me in Chinese,
I speak to her in Chinese and she answers me in English.
The two parts of her little life so entwined.
She is double blessed to have us both.
She is not mine - she is not yours,
But she is ours.

As I tuck her into her bed at night,
I tell her of your unselfish love,
Of your sacrifice.

As I gently awake her in the morning,
My hearts fills with gratitude.
How can I ever say, "Thank you."

Poets Corner

As you see I love to write poetry. My inspiration, most of the time, are my children and grandchildren. Hope you enjoy!